Pawsitive Experiences

-- "Hmmm... that kinda looks like me. Are there any treats in there? Nope. Ppffttt." -- Love my custom dog tote bag and all the stuff I ordered from PugMug!!!
- Dana
Chef says, “I don’t always drink from a cup, but when I do, it is from my PugMug AI tumbler while recording scores in my book with my PugMug AI sticker." I love these products. They captured his likeness perfectly.
- Jennifer
Thank you for the beautiful cards of my cat, Faith. I ordered them and used them to write personalized thank you cards to everyone at on her vet team that helped her in her last moments. It turned out beautifully!
- Laura
I absolutely LOVE it!!! Thanks so much! 🤗
- Stephanie
Mom loves her PugMug featuring her grandogger Erica on a Starry night!!!!
- Lisa
I love all three of my orders.
- Vicki
Just received a pillowcase I ordered for my husband combining his favorite dog and favorite hobby (astronomy). Love it!! The only mistake, and it was my error, is I ordered to wrong size. Very happy with everything I have ordered from PugMug.
- Ginger
My Seelie print is here! That's exactly how I picture him where he is. ❤️🌈 Thank you.
- Chrissey